Job opportunity at Phinecon Consulting

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Phinecon Consulting is about caring for our employees and helping them to grow while they contribute to the organization's goals. We respect those who work with us and consider them as partners, who share our vision, and not mere employees.

Our vision for our employees is to constantly enhance their skills and competencies with increased responsibility and exposure. That, more than any other policy or perk, is the reason why we attract the great professionals to our company.

We do not believe in recruiting only the top performers. Instead, we look for people who are focused on learning and improving, people who are "life time learners". We tread a fine line between aptitude and attitude to get optimum resources. We actively encourage our people to continuously develop themselves, both personally and professionally.

Once we recruit someone, we ensure that he get every opportunity to maximize his potential and shape his career. We have a training and development group that focuses on the learning and development needs of our people.

Our management style helps us in building a sense of ownership among our people. Our open culture fosters honesty and integrity in communication. All these aspects have collectively helped us in achieving a high level of retention.

Our Culture and values are embedded from the Company founders: the ability to embrace collective individual talent to build high-performance teams in international environment.

Being part of the Phinecon consulting group is to live and breathe our core values:

  • Customer dedication
  • Competitiveness
  • Result orientation
  • Passion for our mission
  • Pragmatism more than theory
  • Enjoy diversity and culture difference

From this core value perspective, the Phinecon human resources team contribute to the following:

  • Recruiting the best, cutting-edge professionals
  • Empowering people‚Äôs personal career development
  • Leveraging opportunities within the Group
  • Creating a social, liberal, dynamic and modern environment for our people
  • Keep people opportunity to learn and progress
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