Our mission, our values

Our mission

To provide the best supply chain service and solution with pragmatic approach.
To maximize your competitiveness and support your sustainable profitable growth.

Our values

Customer dedication

We evaluate our success through our customers performance and feedback. A clear and active communication is a key of our success. Rather than passively telling companies what they are doing wrong, we listen our customer, propose direct solutions with measurable results and added technological value. Our proactive approach and continuous self-improvement help us to develop long term relationship with our customers.


Our deep knowledge of BCC market, commodities and extended network in the industry enable us to guarantee highly competitive solution and efficient benchmarking. Keeping our service competitive Vs competitors is critical to our development in this competitive market. No expensive HQ in US or Europe, we keep our cost structure lean, 95% BCC and take advantage of our expertise of the market to capture the best talents/resources at competitive price.

Result orientation

Phinecon fixes clear Key Performance Indicator (KPI)with our customer to evaluate our performance. Our consultants as well as our management are evaluated the same way. From MCS, DPO, Supplier nb, OTD, PPM, EBITDA, planning, etc, KPI are part of our day to day life in our quest to performance.

Passion for our mission

Our team shares passion for supply chain which is critical to achieve performance in such challenging environment. Bringing change and improvement for our customer is a exciting challenge that we enjoy. Working hard is not pain when doing what we like.

Pragmatism more than theory

Consulting is sometimes associated with powerpoint, black suit and identical tool/process which give high promises but also high cost, sometimes very poor result due to lack of customization and implementation support. Our senior leaders combine consulting experience in Europe and US and leadership experience in the industry. We focus on operational consulting and service and strategic consulting combined with implementation. A good change is an improvement which is implemented in time and give sustainable and measurable results.

Enjoy diversity and cultures differences

Above all, the heart of Phinecon consulting is that love for culture and continuous learning by working with great people from different culture, background, sharing our value. The difference and adaptability to difference is our strength in this global market.

Phinecon Consulting Group, LTD. Supply chain expertise in a global market