Global Sourcing

Phinecon as purchasing office in BCC

In this configuration, Phinecon consulting will act as representative of your company in the Best Cost Country Basically, as an extension of your company in BCC.

Our mission will be

  • Identification of suppliers
  • Validation of supplier
  • Negotiation of price and term
  • Submit sourcing rational for approval from client based on several supplier and BCC location
  • Client submit PO to best QCD offer
  • Phinecon follows PO management by supplier in line with term and quality level agreed
  • Check quality before shipment
  • Arrange freight forwarder and guarantee shipment in time
  • Follow up with supplier and client for payment

Phinecon allocates dedicated consultant in our office to support our client.
Number of consultants depends on workload identified.
Phinecon consulting is paid through monthly fee, fixed, by the client.
Phinecon provide supplier info, price breakdown and keep full transparency between supplier identified and our client which is guarantee of the best BCC price for our client.

The key element of Phinecon success in such configuration

Product sourcing
We have experts in our Far East offices, Mexico, East Europe and South America who can source any type product due to their technical background and analytical approach.
Our strong network in the purchasing and manufacturing field in BCC help us to identify quickly supplier.
Our methodic supplier evaluation and qualification process help us to reduce risk.

We constantly challenge our customers to compare pricing to any existing supplier and we continually push to deliver the most competitive price.

Quality management
We strive for the highest quality in all that we do, and have a Process Methodology to maintain quality control. We focus on developing and delivering fit for purpose product and services. We endeavor to be flawless in the service and the products we provide.
We have our own internal Quality Management team who work with our selected manufacturing facilities to ensure the highest standards for all products. 
We monitor this through in line and final product inspections, random and independent safety testing and rigorous social compliance audits.  This ensures that our customers receive the very highest quality product produced in the best working environment.

Global logistic
With years of experience in shipping in different countries around the world, our team is able to handle FOB, CIF, DDU and DDP shipments to any country.  We have strong partnerships with the leading freight companies to enable us to provide a professional and reliable service to any global organization.
We have our own internal shipping/logistic department that manages all the shipments that we or our client send around the world.

Our team is experienced in working with multinational companies or trading companies.
Interfacing with multicultural clients and customers is not a challenge but a pleasure for our team.
Daily communication by mail, conf call and call during the evening of early morning for our customer in US or Europe is part of our daily job to offset the time difference.
Communication is the key to our success.
Full transparency and follow up or push supplier to get the best from them.
Phinecon will help you to find your way in the complexity of a global sourcing environment.

Phinecon Consulting Group, LTD. Supply chain expertise in a global market