Market Research & Development

China, India, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil  are "hot" but beware not to get burnt!
Doing business in such countries is not always that straightforward and easy.

Strong of our footprint in Best Cost Countries like China, India, South East Asia, East Europe or South America, Phinecon proposes to support its clients in their development in these regions through market research and local facilitator roles in establishment of business footprint.

While the magnitude of foreign investments in China, India, Vietnam has been increasing, foreign investors continue to encounter different challenges and issues when doing business or investing in these Best Cost Countries. In view of this, Phinecon offers service which covers Market analysis, partner identification and screening, Business Registration, Accounting/tax service, HR, Legal service, Translation, Training service and other related service like Design & Constructing company recommendation, etc. which can save our clients treasure time to concentrate on their own business.

Here a description of the service provided by our company to make your company successful in the growing BCC markets:

Analyse of the market environment

Product or service market research
Permit or any restriction on the target industry
Cost accounting - tax policy, labor cost, Water & Power and other infrastructure cost, land or workshop cost, office rental fee
Local operation of competitors, Joint venture or cooperation partner, commerce or trading company, like type of investment, investment scale, operating revenue, operating cost and profit, management team, salary standard, supply channel, distribution mode and channel etc.

Our service:
Provide above mentioned information about corporation, market, all kinds of cost data, name list of a number of companies, relevant law articles and policies.

Decide the type of investment

Classify according to investment type: RO, WFOE, EJV, CJV, Share Holding, Domestic company or offshore company, etc. Classify according to industry: manufacturing, trading, service, etc.

Our service:
Fully analyze the investor's special situation, assist to design investment plan, decide investment type and industry, help to improve efficiency in the after operation, find Chinese partner for JV.

Decide investment location

Asia or other region
China or India or Vietnam
Shanghai, Shenzhen or other cities in China --- certain development zone

Our service:
Arrange development zone survey, analyze advantage and disadvantage of the diversiform development zones

Preparation prior to investment

Affirm registration address --- rent office and factory, otherwise buy land or workshop etc
Prepare documents required for company establishment.

Our service:
Provide information about office, workshop or land, provide document list and sample for company registration and verify its veracity.

New company establishment

Registration approval
Industry & Commerce enterprise code, foreign exchange, taxation, custom registration, capital verification, bank account opening, Stat. registration, labor management registration.
Factory construction
Facility installation and debugging

Our service:
Confirm business scope, register capital, investment scale, workout project proposal, contract, feasibility study report, articles of incorporation; apply new company name, get approval certificate for foreign-invested enterprise, and business start application. Fulfill all procedures for Industry & Commerce enterprise code, foreign exchange, taxation, custom registration, capital verification, bank account opening, Stat. registration, labor management registration. Provide service organizations for recruitment, factory construction, custom declare.

Operation of new company

Our company provides service or recommends corresponding service organizations: Trademark application, certificate of origin for export goods, accommodation for employees, distribution channel, taxation, accounting, legal service, business development, decoration for workshop or office, stationeries, hotel reservation, air ticket booking.

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