Global Sourcing

Phinecon as your Local Quality and Delivery agent in BCC

Probably the main challenge with global sourcing is supplier management and quality control.
The distance between the client and BCC supplier, the difference of culture, the communication issue, all create risks on the supplier relationship and quality of product delivered.
Due to the long supply chain, it is critical to identify quality issue before product shipment.
Quality control, sorting or reworking in BCC is a cheap solution compared to managing a container of part with defect in US or Europe…

Phinecon consulting provides supplier quality service and on site quality control in order to identify quality issue or risk at early stage or at least before it impact our client’s operation:

  • Initial Production Check
  • During Production Check
  • Pre-Shipment Check
  • Container Loading Check
  • Social Compliance Audit

This service is available in 48hour's with our supplier quality engineer, who are all qualified through automotiveor telecommunication industry quality requirement.
To manage our quality control and capacity evaluation, we need from our client.

  • engineer's drawings
  • specifications (material, finish, etc)
  • samples or prototypes
  • annual usage rates

Area of expertise:


  • blow molding
  • injection molding
  • thermoforming
  • extruding
  • ultrasonic welding

Forging (steel, brass & copper)

  • hot
  • impression die
  • open die
  • press
  • roll

Metal fabrication / Machining

  • brazing
  • CNC machining
  • CNC punching and stamping
  • cutting and punching
  • grinding
  • laser cutting
  • milling
  • planning
  • plate rolling and forming
  • press brake forming
  • sanding
  • shearing
  • spinning
  • tapping
  • welding

Extrusion (aluminum)

  • direct/indirect
  • hollow shape

Metal casting

  • die casting
  • investment casting
  • sand casting


  • die cutting
  • dextruding


  • powder coating
  • zinc plating
  • anodizing
  • electrophoresis
  • heat treating
  • galvanizing

Tooling / Mold making

  • plastic injection
  • forging die
  • casting die
  • thermoform molding
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